Customer taste * Label * Identity

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International investment company

Powered 120 clients,20 brands,20 brands till today

SO Fashion combines together companies within the Fashion, Fashion Tech, Retail, and Branded Goods consumer sectors that brings together thought leadership, financing strategies, and business experts in the industry.

Fashion, Design and trade mark

Designs, design labels is a valuable marketing tool. Every time when a client makes a purchase it is the name that customers look for and identifies with. They may associate a label with a particular style, image or quality.

Having the unique design and trade mark is the important tool of building customer loyalty, maintaining goodwill and improving company profitability.

SO FASHION INV is company dedicated to customer taste, label and identity. It is involved in commerce of a variety of high end fashion designs, emphasizing leather products.

The Company trades designs in the following industries:

  • Shoes and other footwear
  • Belts
  • Wallets, credit card holder, etc.
  • Gloves
  • Various covers for laptops, tablets etc.


SO Fashion Inv is an investment company based in Hong Kong aiming in investing in early-stage Fashion & Luxury tech start-ups and innovative high-end designers throughout Europe, MENA region and Far East countries.

SO Fashion INV focuses on 3 types of investments: Pre-seed with incubation, Seed and Growth co-funding Series A rounds.

  • SO Fashion INV has a vast experience on helping many companies via a hands-on Mentoring Program by sharing best practices, assisting them in all important aspects of value creation, such as strategy, business development, marketing, or finance and giving them access to its own business-development network which enable businesses to accelerate and succeed.